Quality is not our slogan
it's our fact of profession

Garno is committed to exercise Quality Management Processes to guarantee the safety and health of all stakeholders, including clients, line and staff personnel, third-parties and the public in a general sense. Protecting the environment is also an inseparable part of Garno’s quality principles. We doubtlessly believe that quality policy would not be completed unless there is a systematic approach to meet requirements, criteria and specifications expected by the client. Correspondingly, Garno has a planned system to require its personnel to implement related HSE and OSH action plans along with a firm commitment to all the terms of contract, word by word.

Garno’s Major managerial and executive considerations in conformity with its quality policy are as follows

Provide the workplace by safety and health; Providing the relevant quality trainings for the personnel in all three aspects of quality (health and safety, environment, and quality of deliverables); Developing and implementing action plans pertaining to HSE and OSH regulations and codes; Preventing and/or minimizing the pollution and environmental damages; Paving the road to enhance personnel involvement in decision making process, which in turn leads to effective implementation of quality courses of action; Taking the advantage of experts in negotiations to clarify the contractual terms, which secures meeting the client’s needs ; Considering proper technical supervision and audits in execution phase of the project to ensure the quality of deliverables; Deploy precise methods to select qualified suppliers, sub-contractors, and personnels

At a daily increasing speed, Garno is passing milestones of the way to continuous improvement by means of its quality system.